Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 Months Old

I tried to give Lucy a kiss on her side but she moved on me.

Hi everyone this is Desilu and guess what? I am 4 months old now. On the 17th of January I went from 3 months to 4 months. Hehe I don't feel any different. We didn't have a big party because Lucy wasn't feeling well. I think she is missing her best friend Sugar alot. Theresa and the older human who I am now calling Grandma took Lucy to see the Vet on Monday. I had the whole house to myself and wasn't scared at all. Okay I lie, I hide all the time they were gone. Hehe When they got home Theresa said Lucy got some medicine to make her better. It all started on Sunday night around dinner time, Theresa got our dinner ready and called us to come get ready to eat, I ran and wheeked like crazy, but Lucy wasn't interested and she hid in her pigaloo. I didn't want to eat alone but Lucy wouldn't eat with me. Theresa tried to give her something and she just wouldn't take it. Theresa started to cry and say "Please don't be sick Lucy, I need you. "I can't lose you too." So Theresa took Lucy out of the cage and cuddled her all the time I ate dinner and more time after that. Lucy would not drink or eat anything. I was scared. I tried to see what was wrong but Lucy didn't want to talk.

A few hours went by and Lucy was still not acting like herself. Theresa was so scared and she stayed up till 6am to cuddle Lucy and try to get her to eat or drink. Lucy couldn't go pottie either. :( Theresa gave Lucy some water through a small syringe and Lucy drank some but not alot. Then Theresa put Lucy back in with me and we went to sleep. They went to the Vet at 10am and the Vet said Lucy might have another stone forming inside of her, which made it hurt for Lucy to eat or do anything. Lucy is feeling better now. Chasing me and acting like her bossy self again. I realized that I am in a good home with ppl that love me and would never do anything to hurt me. Lucy was sick on Sunday and Theresa called Vet Monday morning. This girl is fast and doesn't hesitate when her piggies are sick. She has a caring heart and she is very sincere. I love her alot and maybe I will relax and let her hold me more. Hehe Maybe!!!

Is anyone reading our Blog? Just wondering because I cant tell if anyone is. I see no comments and I have cute pictures of me and Lucy up but no one says anything about me or Lucy. I know Theresa and Grandma are telling everyone about this Blog. Please read and leave a comment so I know you read this. I like to read comments. So does Theresa. :D Don't be shy.

I got my own apartment. Hehe
Grandma makes these cuddle cups and Theresa makes Sleeping bags and other stuff. They sell what they make on Theresa's website called

Dinner Time
Theresa got my pictures developed and now we can share them with our friends, The lady at the store asked Theresa all about the pictures after they were developed. Theresa said the lady said I was very stunning and cute. Theresa then said she bragged all about me and Lucy and told the lady about Sugar and Cloud. I can't wait until Theresa paints a picture frame and get's my picture on the wall. She is making me a scrapbook. Theresa's picture frames are amazing, She even sent two picture frames to Ricky Martin for his little boys Matteo and Valentino last Summer. Also made one for the UFC fighter Chad Mendes and his wife Dani. She loves to make ppl and animals smile. She is a good person.

Well thats all for now I am tired and I need to rest now. More soon and have a great night everyone.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking adorable with my toys

Wow, This blogging stuff is hard work for a little piggie like myself. I have been with my new family for 13 days now and they are really nice to me and they spoil me. I love it. Today Theresa called me over to her by my name and I came to her, She was like WOW!!! Desilu you came to me. I was like well duh Theresa, You called me over to you. I really am happy here and I do like Lucy alot. In back of our cage there are pictures on the walls of people and guinea pigs. I heard Theresa say out loud not to worry Desilu, I will get your pictures up on the wall soon. WOW, I am going to be a star and I am only 3 months old. In 3 days I will be 4 months old and I wonder if I will get a party? Probably because from what I can tell this family loves Birthday parties.

Desilu with her new toys.

Desilu is behind the Dinosuar and Lucy is behind Desilu. I sense a theme there.

I have accomplished so much in my first 13 days here, I know how to use the water bottle and I know what the sleeping bags are for. Sleeping. hehe I know that Lucy will not hurt me, she is just curious of me and wants to know more about me. I know that Theresa loves me and wants to hold me more but I am not ready for that yet. I let her hold me but then I try and think of a way out and she always catches me. I havent escaped yet. hehe I have a nickname and I think it is because I am really fast. They like to call me "LIGHTNING" Lucy has a nickname too they call her "THUNDER" hehe we make a cute pair. I have to figure out how to use these tunnels that are sometimes in the cage and always down on the floor at playtime. I like to go in them but I like to stay in them. Theresa says that Sugar was crazy about the tunnels and used to run through them all the time and never get bored. I think Sugar must of been really smart and knew how to make them fun. I am not sure running around and around is fun yet. But I am young yet and I will learn.

Well I will finish up now and write more tomorrow maybe. I want to show you all a picture of me and Lucy in our hay. Yes we are together and we look happy. This makes Theresa very happy too.

I love my new family.

Night Everyone ~Desilu

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wild Weekend

This is me and Lucy together when Theresa was cleaning our cage.

Lucy likes the corner for some reason. Can you see her tiny tattoo? hehe

She is always looking at me. I pretend not to look.

Hi everyone it is me Desilu and I am so sorry I did not post this weekend, but I was having a good time with Lucy and we graduated to a NO BORDER cage. Yes, me and Lucy can visit each other now without looking through the grid divider. We are free piggies. I think Lucy likes this because she chased me all weekend and I got worn out. That is why I not come on. Also Theresa has a cold and she not feel well now. Poor Theresa, she sneezes and I get scared and run and then she will cough and I am more scared and I run. Then Lucy thinks it is good idea to chase me. This is crazy place but I love it here and I am not lonely.

On January 17th I will be 4 months old. I wonder if my new family will throw me a party? I know that Theresa is making a scrap book for me, she has made one for every piggie she has had. 1 for Cloud, 1 for Sugar and 1 for Lucy and now I get one. She has taken many pictures of me, I feel so famous now. I hope all this fame and stardom doesnt go to my lil head? hehe

I will be back later, I have to rest now.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Triumph Thursday

"Lots of young players have triumphed at United, so why can't it happen to me? I'm not worried I'm young- It's an incentive to do the best I can." ~Cristiano Ronaldo

"Desilu would like to say this quote in her own way. Lots of  young guinea pigs have triumphed at using the water bottles, so why can't it happen to me? I'm not worried. I'm young- It's an incentive to do the best I can." ~Desilu Wirth

Desilu's Success
 Learning is hard, but Desilu never gave up. Water bottle 101

I drank from the water bottle today and I did it so cute. Theresa took down the border for about 5 1/2 hours today and me and Lucy had fun. Lucy chased me all over the huge cage, seemed like miles and miles that I ran, I did alot of squealing. We also ate together on the same plate. We made a huge improvements today. I can't wait until tomorrow to see we do once Theresa takes the border down again. The biggest news is that I (DESILU) drank from my water bottle. 

I am still very shy and scared of Lucy but I am getting better, I have it all worked out where if I think that Lucy is too close to me or my bottom, I lift up my bottom and pee on her. hehe I know not very lady like, but hey I have to stand up for myself. If I must pee on her then I will. It is not that I don't like Lucy. I am just afraid and I have to adjust to this new home and new cage mate. I can sense that Lucy wants to cuddle with me but I am not ready yet.
Desilu in her cuddle cup

See me I am in my cuddle cup. I like to lay in here and do all sorts of fun things. I have another cuddle cup that the older human made for me. I think she is now Grandma. I like that one a little better it is smaller like me. I heard Theresa and Grandma talking and they said they would make more cuddle cups for me. YIPPY!!!!! I love this being spoiled part of life. I feel like a piggie princess.

Remember when I said me and Lucy ate together for first time. Well look at this picture.

Dinner Time with Lucy
Theresa and Grandma did alot of Awwwww and look at that aren't they cute together. We had no border up and we got to eat together for first time since I came to live with my new family. Look at all the good stuff we get to eat. This happens twice a day. I was funny tonight, Theresa asked Lucy if she was hungry and Lucy made a loud wheek back as to say yes I am. Well then she asked me and I was quiet and when plate came with food, Lucy ran up to it and left me behind, So I WHEEKED LOUDLY and everyone stopped and Theresa looked at me and said well come on DESILU, lets eat. So I ran to the plate. Hehe I got their attention.
I am one tired lil piggie so I will say night for now. Tomorrow I come back and tell you about my day. Don't worry my blog will not be boring I promise. I only been with Theresa, Grandma and Lucy for 5 days now. So I not have alot of news yet. But I will and maybe I ask Lucy if she come on and blog too. She is funny piggie.

Night to all piggies and humans

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Desilu playing hide and seek with Lucy

Tonight was pretty good, I still didn't want to get to cuddly with Lucy. I think she understands, because when I squeal really loud and alot she backs away from me. I know I am new and she has never seen me before but I have never seen her before either and she is new to me. EVERYTHING is NEW to me. Maybe tomorrow will be better and maybe Theresa won't have the border up anymore.

At 8:30pm the humans Theresa and her Mom came home from the store. I think they went to the store. Anyways Theresa asked if we were hungry and well I am not sure what she mean't but Lucy did and Oh My Goodness she let out several loud wheeks. So I started to wheek too not loud because I didn't want the others to know I knew how. hehe Lucy was going nutty and wanted to eat, well I remember that this eat thing is when we get feed really good food. I like food. I was right just a few minutes later the older human brought us some food on pretty plastic plates. It was like going to a fancy resturant. Endive, Romaine lettuce, carrots, parsely, cucumber, red and green peppers. It was incredible. All were dripping with water, I am not sure yet how to use the water bottle, although the humans have showed me how. I  just dont know how yet.

Food was good and then about 9:30pm Theresa took down the border so me and this Lucy girl could get to know each other again. It was fun and they cleaned our cage with us in there. That was wild and sort of fun, Lucy chased me all over the place and I ran away squealing. Looked at the water bottles and sniffed them but I didn't want a drink. We did alot of chasing around and I did alot of squealing and crying. I was just scared not hurt. The border went back up at 12am and we needed to sleep. I think tomorrow will be a better day for us. Everyday is better and better. I just need to learn how to drink the water from the bottle. Any advice for me???
Border is down and I can cross over to the other side.

I feel a nose on my bottom, not good I am scared.

I just need to lift my bottom in the air and Lucy backs off.

Time out was called. So we rested.

More tomorrow I am one tired lil piggie and I am amazed I know how to type on lap top but I don't know how to use my water bottle. Crazy!!!! Hehe

Night Desilu

Welcome Desilu

My name is Desilu

I am only 3 months old and I am very shy and scared of my new home and my new cage mate Lucy. I was born at a rescue in Shelby Twp on September 17, 2011. I think that makes me a Virgo which I hear is an awesome zodiac sign. I am an American/Aguoti Golden I think they said. Whatever that means. I think I am just full of pretty colors. I guess when I am older I will do some research on my family history. But for now I am just getting used to my new friend Lucy and her Mommy Theresa. They seem really nice but I am so shy and scared, all I want to do is hide. They gave me this really cool soft thing that I can go in and hide and no one knows I am there. But I liked to stay in it and not come out so they said I cant have it back until I learn to come out and not hide. Whats the big deal? I like to hide and it is a BIG scary world out there. Is my right to hide yes?

I was adopted by Theresa-Anne and Lucy on January 1, 2012 they came done to meet and greet me. What a stressfull day that was. I met Lucy who is a funny looking Abyssinian Guinea Pig and she is older then me, 3 yrs and 4 months. She is a pretty redish brown color. She must have an allergy because some of her fur is missing. Which makes her funny looking, but I not say anything to her about that.

This is me and my new cagemate Lucy

Well I am going to rest now and I will come back soon to tell you all about my story. I have so much to tell you all. I am going to try and relax and try to come out of my tiny shell. I am just so scared. Theresa tells me that Lucy lost her best friend Sugar and Lucy is very sad. I want to help make Lucy happy again but I don't know how, she likes to chase me and then I get scared more. Only day 3 here in new home so maybe it will get better soon.

See you later