Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome Desilu

My name is Desilu

I am only 3 months old and I am very shy and scared of my new home and my new cage mate Lucy. I was born at a rescue in Shelby Twp on September 17, 2011. I think that makes me a Virgo which I hear is an awesome zodiac sign. I am an American/Aguoti Golden I think they said. Whatever that means. I think I am just full of pretty colors. I guess when I am older I will do some research on my family history. But for now I am just getting used to my new friend Lucy and her Mommy Theresa. They seem really nice but I am so shy and scared, all I want to do is hide. They gave me this really cool soft thing that I can go in and hide and no one knows I am there. But I liked to stay in it and not come out so they said I cant have it back until I learn to come out and not hide. Whats the big deal? I like to hide and it is a BIG scary world out there. Is my right to hide yes?

I was adopted by Theresa-Anne and Lucy on January 1, 2012 they came done to meet and greet me. What a stressfull day that was. I met Lucy who is a funny looking Abyssinian Guinea Pig and she is older then me, 3 yrs and 4 months. She is a pretty redish brown color. She must have an allergy because some of her fur is missing. Which makes her funny looking, but I not say anything to her about that.

This is me and my new cagemate Lucy

Well I am going to rest now and I will come back soon to tell you all about my story. I have so much to tell you all. I am going to try and relax and try to come out of my tiny shell. I am just so scared. Theresa tells me that Lucy lost her best friend Sugar and Lucy is very sad. I want to help make Lucy happy again but I don't know how, she likes to chase me and then I get scared more. Only day 3 here in new home so maybe it will get better soon.

See you later



  1. Welcome Desilu! I know Lucy and knew Sugar very well. I am glad you are there now for Theresa and Lucy. Stop being scared silly! You hit the jackpot!!! Trust me, I know what I talking gonna get spoiled big time at that house! You set for life! Treats, veg, hay, hugs, love - the works! You got the best home ever kid...good job! *rumble* *purrrrrr*
    Love, your new friend Puppy the Guinea Pig (I am EXTREMELY famous...a BIG CELEB) ;)

  2. Hello Desilu
    You are very sweet and pretty. We are admiring you all the way over here in Scotland.Love from Basil and Sage xx