Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Went on holiday

Hello everyone out there in piggie land, This is Desilu and yes I am back from my mini awol status. I really was never on vacation but Theresa has been worried about Lucy and so have I. You see she went to the Vet to get a checkup and poor Lucy got some bad news that was not expected. She has a tumor inside of her. :( We are all crushed. Lucy is not getting surgery because it is too risky of a chance to take and we all agree even the Vet agrees, That having Lucy with us for how ever long it may be is more important then losing her during surgery. Maybe that is selfish of us but we love Lucy and we don't want anyone to cut her open. She is doing well and is very happy. She is on pain meds and still acting like my buddy and mommy Lucy. Yes I have adopted Lucy as my new mommy. I think she likes the idea of taking care of me and I like having a mommy around. So you see that is why I need her with me all the time. I am learning from her. If she gets bad we will know and Theresa will call the VET ASAP. So no worries okay.

We will post pigtures up soon. We have alot to show you all. Sorry I was not around but Theresa usually always comes on the blog and lets me type but this past month she has not wanted too. :( I missed typing with my little paws. HEHEHE

Okay readers I have to go now so Theresa can shut down the PC and give Lucy her meds for the night. She is a fantastic mommy to us. Every night she cleans our house and gives Lucy a little bath. She is amazing. She really does care about us and would never harm us or mis treat us in any way. She is tops.

Night Night