Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wild Weekend

This is me and Lucy together when Theresa was cleaning our cage.

Lucy likes the corner for some reason. Can you see her tiny tattoo? hehe

She is always looking at me. I pretend not to look.

Hi everyone it is me Desilu and I am so sorry I did not post this weekend, but I was having a good time with Lucy and we graduated to a NO BORDER cage. Yes, me and Lucy can visit each other now without looking through the grid divider. We are free piggies. I think Lucy likes this because she chased me all weekend and I got worn out. That is why I not come on. Also Theresa has a cold and she not feel well now. Poor Theresa, she sneezes and I get scared and run and then she will cough and I am more scared and I run. Then Lucy thinks it is good idea to chase me. This is crazy place but I love it here and I am not lonely.

On January 17th I will be 4 months old. I wonder if my new family will throw me a party? I know that Theresa is making a scrap book for me, she has made one for every piggie she has had. 1 for Cloud, 1 for Sugar and 1 for Lucy and now I get one. She has taken many pictures of me, I feel so famous now. I hope all this fame and stardom doesnt go to my lil head? hehe

I will be back later, I have to rest now.

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