Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking adorable with my toys

Wow, This blogging stuff is hard work for a little piggie like myself. I have been with my new family for 13 days now and they are really nice to me and they spoil me. I love it. Today Theresa called me over to her by my name and I came to her, She was like WOW!!! Desilu you came to me. I was like well duh Theresa, You called me over to you. I really am happy here and I do like Lucy alot. In back of our cage there are pictures on the walls of people and guinea pigs. I heard Theresa say out loud not to worry Desilu, I will get your pictures up on the wall soon. WOW, I am going to be a star and I am only 3 months old. In 3 days I will be 4 months old and I wonder if I will get a party? Probably because from what I can tell this family loves Birthday parties.

Desilu with her new toys.

Desilu is behind the Dinosuar and Lucy is behind Desilu. I sense a theme there.

I have accomplished so much in my first 13 days here, I know how to use the water bottle and I know what the sleeping bags are for. Sleeping. hehe I know that Lucy will not hurt me, she is just curious of me and wants to know more about me. I know that Theresa loves me and wants to hold me more but I am not ready for that yet. I let her hold me but then I try and think of a way out and she always catches me. I havent escaped yet. hehe I have a nickname and I think it is because I am really fast. They like to call me "LIGHTNING" Lucy has a nickname too they call her "THUNDER" hehe we make a cute pair. I have to figure out how to use these tunnels that are sometimes in the cage and always down on the floor at playtime. I like to go in them but I like to stay in them. Theresa says that Sugar was crazy about the tunnels and used to run through them all the time and never get bored. I think Sugar must of been really smart and knew how to make them fun. I am not sure running around and around is fun yet. But I am young yet and I will learn.

Well I will finish up now and write more tomorrow maybe. I want to show you all a picture of me and Lucy in our hay. Yes we are together and we look happy. This makes Theresa very happy too.

I love my new family.

Night Everyone ~Desilu

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