Sunday, February 5, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SUPER BOWL XLVII WINNERS: THE NEW YORK GIANTS AND ELI MANNING. This was my first Super ever to watch and it was cool. Theresa had a fantastic time cheering for her fave guy #10 Eli Manning. I am only 4 months old but I must say this game was electrifying to watch. The half time show was fun too. Theresa loves Madonna and was singing along with her. :D I was on the floor playing with Lucy while all this was happening. I had bursts of energy and ran like crazy around and through the tunnels and hay. I was a piggie gone crazy. Lucy was chasing me and then I would run away really fast away from Lucy. Hehe I like to hide under blankets and Theresa took a picture of me doing this the other night. Want to see how cute I am?

Peek A Boo I see You Desilu. hehehe
For some strange reason I love to hide and play under the blankets. Some would say I am strange but I think I am just too cute for words. hehehe I have several nicknames now and I want to share them with you. Chipmunk Cheeks...Dixie Lu...Dizzy Desi...I am sure there will be more as I grow older. That's what I like about this family they are fun and really know how to make me and Lucy happy. We are so loved and well taken care of. I love my new family alot.

Lucy has to go to the Vet tomorrow for a re check up on her eye that was looking funny. She had to have eye drops put in 2 times a day and I don't think I would like that at all. So I am keeping my eyes away from stuff that will hurt them. Theresa thinks that maybe Lucy got poked in the eye with a piece of hay. She always tells me and Lucy to be careful and watch for picky pieces of hay. She is very careful on what types of hay she buys for us. We get only the best from Oxbow which is located in Nebraska. I might get to go with Theresa, the older human which I call Grandma and Lucy tomorrow. They want me to get used to going and I have never been before so I might want to go and see what this is all about. Then again I might just want to stay home and enjoy the house to myself. Hehehe

Wow look at the time here it is almost 2:30am and I think I better go now and sleep. I will have Theresa put more pictures up tomorrow. She took alot of cute ones tonight of me and Lucy. Sorry we haven't been on to write this blog thingy but Theresa had a cold and then she was finishing up some quilts that she makes and some other things for a Pet Fair that she wants to get into this Summer. Did I mention that she makes these really wonderful sleeping bags and cuddle cups and best of all these amazing tunnel covers. Look at the sample pictures below to see what awesome stuff me and Lucy have in our house. If you want to buy some of Theresa's handmade stuff just ask her here. I think you can leave a message and she will see it.

Sleeping bag for sale

Sleeping bag for sale

Tunnel cover for sale

Okay that is all for now but I will be back tomorrow or Tuesday night, Sweet dreams everyone and thank you for reading my blog.