Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 Months Old

I tried to give Lucy a kiss on her side but she moved on me.

Hi everyone this is Desilu and guess what? I am 4 months old now. On the 17th of January I went from 3 months to 4 months. Hehe I don't feel any different. We didn't have a big party because Lucy wasn't feeling well. I think she is missing her best friend Sugar alot. Theresa and the older human who I am now calling Grandma took Lucy to see the Vet on Monday. I had the whole house to myself and wasn't scared at all. Okay I lie, I hide all the time they were gone. Hehe When they got home Theresa said Lucy got some medicine to make her better. It all started on Sunday night around dinner time, Theresa got our dinner ready and called us to come get ready to eat, I ran and wheeked like crazy, but Lucy wasn't interested and she hid in her pigaloo. I didn't want to eat alone but Lucy wouldn't eat with me. Theresa tried to give her something and she just wouldn't take it. Theresa started to cry and say "Please don't be sick Lucy, I need you. "I can't lose you too." So Theresa took Lucy out of the cage and cuddled her all the time I ate dinner and more time after that. Lucy would not drink or eat anything. I was scared. I tried to see what was wrong but Lucy didn't want to talk.

A few hours went by and Lucy was still not acting like herself. Theresa was so scared and she stayed up till 6am to cuddle Lucy and try to get her to eat or drink. Lucy couldn't go pottie either. :( Theresa gave Lucy some water through a small syringe and Lucy drank some but not alot. Then Theresa put Lucy back in with me and we went to sleep. They went to the Vet at 10am and the Vet said Lucy might have another stone forming inside of her, which made it hurt for Lucy to eat or do anything. Lucy is feeling better now. Chasing me and acting like her bossy self again. I realized that I am in a good home with ppl that love me and would never do anything to hurt me. Lucy was sick on Sunday and Theresa called Vet Monday morning. This girl is fast and doesn't hesitate when her piggies are sick. She has a caring heart and she is very sincere. I love her alot and maybe I will relax and let her hold me more. Hehe Maybe!!!

Is anyone reading our Blog? Just wondering because I cant tell if anyone is. I see no comments and I have cute pictures of me and Lucy up but no one says anything about me or Lucy. I know Theresa and Grandma are telling everyone about this Blog. Please read and leave a comment so I know you read this. I like to read comments. So does Theresa. :D Don't be shy.

I got my own apartment. Hehe
Grandma makes these cuddle cups and Theresa makes Sleeping bags and other stuff. They sell what they make on Theresa's website called

Dinner Time
Theresa got my pictures developed and now we can share them with our friends, The lady at the store asked Theresa all about the pictures after they were developed. Theresa said the lady said I was very stunning and cute. Theresa then said she bragged all about me and Lucy and told the lady about Sugar and Cloud. I can't wait until Theresa paints a picture frame and get's my picture on the wall. She is making me a scrapbook. Theresa's picture frames are amazing, She even sent two picture frames to Ricky Martin for his little boys Matteo and Valentino last Summer. Also made one for the UFC fighter Chad Mendes and his wife Dani. She loves to make ppl and animals smile. She is a good person.

Well thats all for now I am tired and I need to rest now. More soon and have a great night everyone.



  1. Most excellent blog thingy! Do not worry, I swore off of eating guinea pigs long ago. If it is okay, I will put a link to your blog thingy on my blog thingy.

    1. Hehehe You are a cute and sweet cat Cujo. TY for linking your blog thingy with our blog thingy.